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"A healthy outside, starts from the inside."
                     -Robert Urich 

"Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength." 
                                - Betty Friedan

"Health is a relationship between you and your body."
                     – Terri Guillemets

"Wellness is a connection of paths: knowledge and action."                             
                      – Joshua Holtz

Seated Stretching Improves Senior Health

Chair exercises like stretching are perfect for seniors because they can be adapted for physical limitations, minimize the risk of injury due to falls, and still give health benefits.

Stretching helps ease joint pain and muscle aches and also improves mobility, flexibility, coordination, and circulation.

On top of the physical benefits, it also reduces stress and boosts mood.

Seated Upper Body Exercise

Designed specifically for patients with spinal cord injuries and others who benefit from seated exercise. 

The video offers both aerobic and resistance/strength training exercises, and includes safety tips and other guides for an effective workout for better health.

Tai Chi Exercise

The ancient practice of Tai Chi provides an easy, be-kind-to-yourself way to energize the mind and unlock the joints and muscles.

Do this 6-minute senior Tai Chi exercise in the morning after your coffee to get ready for the day.

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