Hurricane Preparedness Supplies: What Do You Need?

Of course, every family has different needs: a young family with five children will need different things than a retired couple. However, pretty much everyone can benefit from having the following easy to access in the event of a hurricane:

  • Food and water (non-perishable) for everyone for at least 7 days per person

  • Prescriptions and other medication, refilled by the pharmacy

  • Cash, since ATMs and other machines could stop working

  • Flashlights and batteries

  • A battery-powered radio, to keep track of events

  • A first-aid kit, including bandages, antibiotics, and face masks

  • Essential items for elderly, infant, or infirm family members

  • All of your important papers, such as your driver’s license, passport, birth

certificate, social security card, and others, in a waterproof container

  • Full tanks of gas in all of your vehicles

  • Home disinfectants like alcohol wipes, disinfectant spray, and others


       The Office of the State Fire Marshal safety tips for portable generators:  

  • Place generators at least 20 feet away from your home.

  • Look for any air entry points into the home near your unit and ensure that those are properly closed and sealed off, such as windows or doors, air intakes, nearby dryer vents or crawl spaces.

  • Install CO alarm.

  • Give generators breaks that allow for any concentrated exhaust to clear away from the area.

  • Open your windows and doors during this break to air out any concentration that may have collected in your home.


                   In addition, here are some safety tips for standby generators:

  • Check the manufacturing specs to verify the installation meets those specs.

  • If there's a concern that the installation standards were not met, get an appropriate party, like the installer, out to inspect it.

  • Ensure your generator is being appropriately maintained, including the oil change frequency requirements.

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