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The West Baton Rouge Council on Aging and Senior Center is designed to provide services to assist older adults, age 60 and over, with remaining and living independently in their homes. These services are provided for those who reside in West Baton Rouge Parish only.

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The Senior Center is Open 
1st & 4th Monday 8:30am -1:30 pm
 Tuesday-Friday 8:30am -1:30pm 
Give us a call if there are any questions or concerns at (225)383-0638 . 

Daily transportation available to center.
Mature Man Having Fun

“Happiness doesn't come from being rich, nor merely from being successful in your career, nor by self-indulgence. One step towards happiness is to make yourself healthy and strong while you are a boy so that you can be useful and so you can enjoy life when you are a man”.

-Robert Baden-Powell

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Men’s Health

What are some associations between men and their health?

In Men’s Health: Summary the (United States) MedlinePlus explain:

“Most men need to pay more attention to their health. Compared to women, men are more likely to:

  • Smoke and drink

  • Make unhealthy or risky choices

  • Put off regular checkups and medical care”.

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Men’s Issues

What are some health issues unique to men?

In Men’s Health the (United States) National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health explain:

“Some health issues, such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and prostate problems, are unique to men. As many as 30 million American men have ED, and benign prostatic hyperplasia is the most common prostate problem for men older than age 50.

Other health issues—such as coronary heart disease, lung cancer, HIV infection, and Parkinson’s disease—are more common in men than women”.

"Ill-health of body or of mind, is defeat. Health alone is victory. Let all men, if they can manage it, contrive to be healthy!"

-Thomas Carlyle

Join In & Take Advantage of the Great Benefits of Socialization

"The importance of social interaction, for older adults especially, is massive. "

*Social interaction benefit #1: Improves mental health

When we’re socially engaged, we’re less likely to fall victim to mental illnesses, like depression.


*Social interaction benefit #3. Improves brain health

We tend to have higher levels of cognitive function with increased social interaction.

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Social interaction benefit #2: Improves physical health

There are so many physical benefits to your health that come with being socially engaged of which includes to: Lower blood pressure and potentially reduce risk for cardiovascular problems, some cancers, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.


*Social interaction benefit #4. Gives you access to personal care and assistance

Your community, whether paid assistance, family members or friends, can help you with your personal care. There are people that assist with mobility, errands and doctor’s appointments.


*Social interaction benefit #5. Increases your growth and learning

Growth and learning are two things that greatly contribute to your brain health and your sense of fulfillment… and they can also contribute to your level of social interaction.

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